Our Process

Our goal, through crowdsourcing collaboration, is to understand our potential, shape our story, and provide the key messaging that will leverage all of the exciting announcements on the immediate horizon.

Our planning approach or “process” is to include as many different opinions and perspectives as possible. Here’s our road map:

Step 1:

Create the Norfolk Collaboratory – December 2013.

Step 2:

Project team reviews and synthesizes available data, reports and research studies relevant to marketing Norfolk. This team is made up of the City of Norfolk, Festevents and the Downtown Norfolk Council. – January 2014.

Step 3:

SIR interviews 20 representatives of key stakeholder audiences –  January-February 2014.

Step 4:

                  Create a “straw man” brand messaging architecture  – February 2014.

Step 5:

Launch the Norfolk Collaboratory’s web site – Mid-April 2014.

Step 6:

 Hold a series of 45-minute input and feedback sessions.

These presentations will share insights on the future of cities, how Norfolk is doing compared to other cities and review the “straw man” brand messaging architecture. Attendees will be asked to provide feedback and will take a short input survey. Results of the survey will be shared on this site.

Step 7:

Survey ends on August 15. The Collaboratory’s project team reviews and synthesizes all feedback – August 15 through early September.

Step 8:

Survey findings and insights shared with Norfolk’s marketing organizations that are responsible for communicating Norfolk’s story.

Collectively, this group arrives at a final brand messaging architecture  – Mid-September through Mid- October.

Step 9:

Once a consensus is reached, the Collaboratory shares Norfolk’s brand messaging architecture with everyone who participated in the process – Late October.

Step 10:

The Collaboratory assesses and reports on how organizations are advancing Norfolk’s story in a more seamless manner  – ongoing.

Yes, it has taken longer than expected. But we are making progress. Hundreds of people have now offered their input. We still want more people to participate. So if you haven’t done so already, please share your thoughts through this survey.

Thank you!

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