Norfolk's message must tell our story in a relevant, believable and differentiating manner.


Norfolk's message should explain Norfolk’s “why” - what will grow out of all of Norfolk’s current projects and placemaking activities.


Norfolk's message should detail branding components: brand positioning statement, purpose, promise, reasons to believe, etc.


Norfolk’s messaging architecture should be easy to incorporate into everyone's communications efforts.


Norfolk’s message should be developed by everyone who will help advance the city's brand
The City of Norfolk is going through a transformative period. The timing of an unprecedented number of new and expanding commercial real estate developments and neighborhood placemaking activities is creating a unique opportunity to share Norfolk’s exciting story with the world – who we are and where we are headed.

Success will be based on our ability to craft and communicate our story in a relevant and seamless manner, where the whole (over-arching message) is greater than the sum of its parts (specific development projects). To this end, the City of Norfolk, Festevents, and the Downtown Norfolk Council have joined forces to create the Norfolk Collaboratory – a fun and creative way to crowdsource Norfolk’s story. To jump-start the process, we need your help. Just follow the three easy steps detailed below.

Here's How You Can Help: 3 Steps

1) See What's Ahead

Check out this incredible rundown of all the exciting developments happening in and around our region in the next several years.

2) Review Our Straw Man Messaging

A central, unifying message blueprint is being developed – a brand message architecture. This PDF presents SIR’s recommended “straw man" language for this message architecture. It has been labeled a “straw man” as it is offered as a starting place for this conversation.

3) Give Your Feedback

Our effort is by the people, for the people, so lend us your voice! We want to know how our message fits into your vision of Norfolk.
Creating and articulating a seamless message is the best way to ensure that it gets heard, understood and advanced.
Help us formulate Norfolk's message by following these three easy steps:

1) Read the official report on all the projects in Norfolk that are about to unfold.

2) Review our proposed "straw man" messaging architecture document.

3) Give us your feedback by taking our survey or contacting us.


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